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Lu Berly Concert

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 Location: Biblioteket Bar/Kjøttbasaren 

Price: 250,- 

 Doors open: 18:40 

 Concert starts: 19:00 



The incredible Lu Berly, supported by Ukrainian public organization Folk UA, organizes a charity concert of Ukrainian music on her birthday in support of the "Animal Rescue Service" organization in Ukraine, she will present her first album and perform other popular Ukrainian songs by such artists as Скрябін, Lely45, Odyn v Kanoe and others.

 Hurry up to buy tickets and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the venue and incredible Ukrainian music, because the number of tickets is limited! 

More information about the concert can be found at: Facebook - Instagram -




 Booking Phone: 55011885 







konsert live folkelig music ukraina


20 års aldersgrense.


Kjøpte billetter refunderes ikke/ Tickets not re-fundable